Safety Advices for Taxi Sharing

Participating in taxi sharing with new acquaintances can be an exhilarating experience, but it is essential to exercise caution when engaging with unfamiliar individuals. Prioritise your safety above all else, whether you are initiating conversations online or meeting face-to-face.

Online Safety

  • Avoid sending money or sharing financial details: Refrain from sending money, especially via wire transfer, even if someone claims to be in dire need. Wiring money is akin to sending cash, making it extremely challenging to reverse the transaction or track its destination. Never divulge information that could potentially grant access to your financial accounts. If another user requests money from you, promptly report the incident through sharx app.
  • Safeguard your personal information: Never disclose personal data such as your social security number, home or work address, or specifics about your daily routine to users. 
  • Remain on the app: Maintain your conversations within the sharx app while you acquaint yourself with someone. Since messages on the platform are subject to our Message Filters, individuals with malicious intentions often attempt to shift the conversation to text messages, messaging apps, email, or phone calls immediately.
  • Report all suspicious or offensive behavior: If you notice any conduct that violates our terms, promptly report it through our app. Examples of violations include requests for money, harassment, threats, offensive messages, inappropriate or harmful behavior during or after in-person meetings, fraudulent profiles, spam, or solicitation, such as links to commercial websites or attempts to sell products or services.
  • Protect your account: Exercise caution when logging into your account from another device. Sharx will never send you an email requesting your login information. If you receive such an email, report it immediately.

Meeting in Person

  • Avoid rushing: Take your time to acquaint yourself with the other person before agreeing to share a taxi ride.
  • Choose public meeting locations: Opt for well-populated, public places for your in-person meetings. Avoid meeting at your residence, your co-rider’s home, or any other private location.
  • Trust your instincts: If you ever feel uncomfortable, do not hesitate to decline a shared ride. In fact, it is encouraged to prioritise your comfort and safety above all else.