Share the ride, Split the fare, Save money

Our mission is simple. We match riders who want to share a taxi, cab, or ride-hail and they can chat to organise a convenient and affordable ride.

About Us

We squeezed the important parts

About us

More than just an app…

We are three friends with a common dream, to make this world better for everyone. After endless courses, parties and trips we have built a true and honest friendship which led to sharx’s creation.

Our Mission

To help people ameliorate their daily life by reducing their commuting time through a sustainable and affordable solution

Our Values

Respect: We treat everyone with respect and empathy.
Integrity: We always act with honesty and transparency.
Excellence: We are dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions.

The Idea

Sharx wants to bring people together and reduce taxi/ridehail costs while creating a greener future.

Explore it, Share it, Love it

The Problem

This problem affects you too!

The Problem we are trying to solve…

  • Nowadays the expensive and environmentally harmful transportation is not a viable solution anymore
  • There is an increasing demand for taxi/ridehail rides that leads companies to expand their fleet.

Daily taxi rides in London


of taxis use diesel engines

How It Works

What we do

We match co-riders so they can split their taxi fares.

Select your trip info

Select your departure and arrival point as well as your trip time.

Choose your co-rider

Scroll through the available co-riders and send ride-requests to those you like.


Chat with your co-rider to build trust and organise an amazing taxi ride.

Be part of our dream

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has
Margaret Mead

Margaret Mead

Our Plans

We offer a plan for everyone out there



Give it a try

5 ride requests / day



Get some flexibility

10 ride requests / purchase



Our best plan

25 ride requests/purchase


Here you will find everything is needed to start

Here are some frequently asked questions

If you still have questions you can contact us in the email below

Where can I find the app?

The app is available for both iOS and Android devices. You can find it in App Store and Google Play. We work hard to offer to everyone safe, affordable and quick commuting

How I will find my co-rider?

After creating a free account in sharx app, you will be able to search for co-riders, send and receive ride requests and chat with them to plan your trip. Our app will help you find someone who is in close distance to you

Is it safe to use sharx?

Sharx creates a safe environment for all its users. We have implement features such as rating and reporting to keep unwanted behaviours away. We respect all our users and we act quickly to eliminate any issue.

Should I give money to book a ride?

You should NEVER send money to people you do not know. Currently, Sharx does not support direct taxi/ridehail from third parties. Therefore, it is better to meet with your co-rider and arrange the payment together

How do I buy more requests?

More requests means more possibilities to find a co-rider and share your ride. You can buy requests from the app’s slide bar by selecting Purchase Requests